US Digital Mining

Investing in the US, Investing in the Future Financial Market

US Digital Mining (USDM) operates a debt-free Bitcoin mining operation in the United States maximizing long-term shareholder value.

USDM at a Glance


Machines Online as of March 31, 2024


PH/s as of March 31, 2024


Bitcoin Held at March 31, 2024

As of March 31, 2024

Securing Our Place in the Network


By purchasing efficient mining machines that use less than 30 joules per terahash, our operation runs on less energy than most mining operations.


As a public company and through wholesale purchasing of miners, we are able to secure lower-cost, newest technology machines.


Our strategy is to place our miners with top tier hosting companies that are geographically diversified across the US.

Leveraging our extensive knowledge of markets, we have pursued a strong focus on Bitcoin mining, taking advantage of the downturn market to opportunistically purchase miners at favorable pricing. Our business model allows us to modify our strategy as needed.

Investing in American Frontier

Our Bitcoin mining operation is thriving in the expansiveness of the United States due to its stable regulations and low-cost energy resources. USDM is bringing tech jobs back to small towns in which legacy businesses have long abandoned them. With the rapid adoption of Bitcoin around the world, we are well positioned for continued growth.