January 20, 2021

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How to Regulate Drones in Your Community

January 20, 2021


The popularity of drones is on the rise! Many people enjoy flying drones as a hobby, using them to take photos or video. Some businesses use drones as well, whether they are inspecting roofs, taking real estate photos, or even using them for deliveries. As a homeowner or owner of a condo association, you have most likely come into contact with someone on your property using a drone. It’s important to know how to create a drone regulation for your community. We’ve outlined how to create a drone policy for your HOA or COA!

Why Is This Important?

It’s important to outline drone policy and regulation in order to keep your community happy and safe. Since drones are relatively new to the public, there are few governmental regulations that protect both drone users and citizens from these drones.

Some members of your community may be uncomfortable with the presence of drones near their homes, and drone users will want spaces to fly their drones without conflict. Creating these regulations will help keep the peace in your space.

Tips for Regulating Drones

  1. Be Clear About What People Can Use Drones For

One important step in how to create a drone regulation is being rigorous in what you allow drones to be used for in your community. Clearly state what you will allow your community members to do with the drone.

For example, if you are requiring drone use to only be for deliveries, then spell out when drone delivery service will be allowed, etc. If you are allowing recreational use of drones by your community members, then outline specifically where and when these drones can be used, where they cannot fly over, and more.

  1. Outline a Drone Registration Requirement

Requiring community members to register in order to own a drone can prevent a lot of unnecessary conflict. If members are required to register for drone usage, they will have to review the drone policy with you, and you can ensure everyone using a drone understands your policy fully.

  1. List Drone Users’ Responsibilities

Clearly stating drone users’ responsibilities is important to avoid potential conflict and difficulties. Informing your drone users that they are responsible for potential damages, criminal offenses such as misdemeanors, and more will prevent any conflict coming back at you or potentially forming in the community.

  1. Require Users to Have Insurance

Drones are not perfect, and a mistake or malfunction could potentially cause property damage. Requiring your drone users to have insurance holds them completely liable for any damages.

  1. Have Warnings/Discipline Spelled Out

Spelling out potential warnings or disciplinary actions for breaking any of the outlined clauses in your policy will prevent conflict and additionally prevent any liability on your behalf. Your homeowners or condo owners become completely responsible for all damages or trouble created by using a drone.

Drone Regulations Make for a Happy Community

Regulating drones in your community will keep your members happy and safe. With your policy following the outline tips, you will be able to better your community. For help with your drone regulations, fees, or attorney fees, contact LM Funding today!

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