February 18, 2021

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How to Add Wi-Fi to Your Community Association the Right Way

February 18, 2021


Having Wi-Fi for your community members isn’t just smart. It’s crucial! With most people going online every day for work, school, entertainment, and connecting with loved ones, you can’t expect to keep your association members happy without reliable internet. Even with how essential having Wi-Fi is for your HOA, there’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to implement it. Here are some things you should keep in mind for the sake of the board and your members.

Consult a Local Lawyer

Security is such a big concern when it comes to wireless internet that states have different laws regulating it. Because of this, it’s vital for your association to consult with an attorney who can offer expert guidance based on your state’s unique laws. You can then make sure that anything you’re putting in writing is in accordance with your local laws.

Protect the Connection

Your wireless internet connection should always require your COA members to use a password before they can connect. Without password protection, internet users’ private information is at risk and they could become a victim of identity theft while using your Wi-Fi. To maximize the effectiveness of the password, change it regularly. You should keep the password written in a secure place where only members have access to it such as association newsletters or a section of your website that’s reserved for members.

Don’t stop with safety there. You should also invest in some antivirus and antimalware programs. Work with an experienced IT professional to install this software and keep it up-to-date. Make sure you create a good system for staying on top of software renewals and payments.

Provide Safety Tips

It’s also a good idea to educate your community on the basics of online safety to keep everyone’s information secure. For example, internet users should stick to URLs that begin with HTTPS rather than just HTTP. These sites are secure. You might consider including these tips in your association’s newsletter or have them in a section on your website.

Set Up Parental Controls

Some Wi-Fi networks also have the option of setting parental controls. By turning these on, you’ll help avoid any uncomfortable conversations with members who might think the board is liable for their child ending up on a page that isn’t age-appropriate.

Don’t Provide Tech Support

While it’s great to give your community members helpful tips, it’s important that they don’t become overly reliant on the COA board for their tech problems. Make sure they know that it’s not your responsibility to provide tech support and they should seek professional help if they are having any issues connecting their devices to the router. If the router is up and running, then that’s the extent of your ability to offer assistance.

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When you follow these guidelines, you can add Wi-Fi to your association with as few hiccups as possible. Making Wi-Fi safe and accessible to all your residents adds value to your association!

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